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Written In The Stars

Astrology is the study of the stars in the heavens above. Our galaxy is like a sea of love filled with infinite wisdom and all of our real life events are recorded in each of our own natal charts. As a matter of fact, everything is in one’s chart. It’s been known for thousands of years that the cosmos can tell the future. Knowing this can help in our journey of self-realization.

Join astrologer and host Claudio Silvaggi on his journey as he uses astrology to pinpoint history’s most epic events and see how mysteriously these events are related to one another and to notable persons throughout history.

Each episode features a notable figure from the past and takes a look at what was happening in the stars when that person came to be and the many interesting events that followed.

Claudio will also discuss what is happening in the sky now and how you may be affected based on your own natal chart. Be sure to check out Written In The Stars and look to the heavens to enlighten your spiritual journey.


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Claudio Silvaggi

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Claudio Silvaggi

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Spirit Realm Network

First Aired:

May 31, 2023

About the Cast:

What’s in a bio? Striving to become more
spiritual and the least materialistic, is what fills my day. My past is now consumed with the study of spirituality.

The only course of study is metaphysics equaling physics, this is what we in consensus call “as within, so without”, with the only necessary tool in our toolbox being Love.

Now consumed with passion to find the analogous truth of what is written in the stars, the Egyptian Walls and texts, and every interpretation in the astrological book called the Bible. There is only one truth, there is only one destination and that is…one Love.

It is a necessary step in one's path to open up a door to be with others who help guide each other with shared synchronicities. I would be honored to share the breadcrumbs our foremothers and forefathers left for us to rediscover. These breadcrumbs define the who, the what, the where, the when, the why and the how of our journey.

Everything happens for a reason and it really is time for this season as written on the walls and in the stars.
Doors are opening, and it's invigorating to pass through them with you all...

Claudio Silvaggi

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