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Get ready to explore the unknown with Joey Underground! As a history-obsessed filmmaker, Joey has made it his mission to document abandoned locations before they disappear forever. From creepy houses to entire neighborhoods, he’s captured it all on camera with his passion for filming the past. Based in Pennsylvania, Joey has been delving into abandoned locations since he was young, unafraid to venture inside spooky, uninhabited houses. As a child, he was even dared to go into a creepy, abandoned house that no one had been in for years…and he did it! 

But now, he’s taking it to the next level by bringing his adventures to your screens! Whether it’s abandoned funeral homes, hospitals, or schools, Joey has filmed it all. Prisons are his favorite, but he’ll film an abandoned phone booth if it has an interesting enough story. And don’t worry, he never takes anything from these places other than footage, and he never disturbs anything. So join Joey on his journey to discover the past, and uncover the stories that have been left behind. You won’t want to miss a single episode of Joey Underground!


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Growing up my friends and I would dare each other to do a lot of stupid things including go into abandonment places and leave something behind to prove that you actually reached the room you were dared to explore.

I also grew up a horror fanatic and as you may know many abandoned locations are used in horror movies to make them what they are. Though I've been exploring abandoned locations for over 25 years I didn't start filming my experiences until about 4 years ago. I came across a YouTube video showcasing a pov experience of an abandoned hospital that I've explored many times. It was then that I decided that if I'm risking going into these places, I guess I should document them.

As time went on I became obsessed with capturing as many abandoned locations on film as possible before they get torn down or nature takes them over completely. My favorite places to explore are prisons, schools and hospitals. Ultimately, I enjoy filming anything abandoned whether it's an abandoned car or town, everything has a story. My goal is to research, explore, document and educate my viewers on these amazing pieces of history for as long as humanly possible.

Many of the places I've filmed are completely off limits for good reason. Many of the places are crumbling and filled with toxic substances such as mold and asbestos. Sometimes actual chemicals are left behind such as embalming fluid from the many abandoned morgues I've been to. I've seen everything from money to human remains inside of some of these places. I've also stepped through many floors and have gotten arrested just for some footage. Doing this can actually kill you. Many of these places are not featured on any paranormal videos due to how dangerous they are. I do not advise doing this without doing your homework first.

My 2 Rules of Exploring Abandonment are:

Take nothing but footage

Leave nothing but footprints

It's very important not to take anything or cause any destruction to the property due to its sensitivity and the fact that it'll never be repaired. Urban Exploration or “Urbexing” to me is filming interesting places with a phone to show the world these places that most are too scared to explore themselves while telling the story behind it. I am Pennsylvania based and have plenty of abandonment to keep me filming for years. I have an obligation to document history that is already forgotten about or it wouldn't be rotting in the first place.

My identity is not necessarily important but know this…I do this for the experience and to feed my addiction of exploring. I choose to keep myself out of the spotlight and instead showcase the location and all of its glory.

Future plans: To continue to explore and build my YouTube channel in my free time and possibly turning it into a full time career.

Beliefs of the Paranormal, I'm a realistic person and as a realistic person you cannot rule out possibilities. I have never experienced anything Paranormal on any of my explorations. I have however thousands of views pointing out unexplainable objects and sounds in many of my videos. Unfortunately I've filmed many abandoned crime scenes and mental hospitals where horrible things have gone on and I've accidentally caught many things on film. I guess I should also add that I'm very interested in alien life forms due to millions of feet of undeniable footage and evidence.

I explore in the light because I hate lugging around equipment while being on the move and filming. I use my Samsung Galaxy S10E and a DJI Mavic mini drone and do all editing on my phone as well. I wear a headlamp and use my phone light. I make my own beats and design and sell merchandise at

Explore at your own risk!

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