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Into the Light with Sara McElroy

Join Medium Sara McElroy for an hour of intuitive messages that will give you a new perspective on the afterlife!
Watch her new show, Into the Light, see Sara channel energy through laughter, tears and Tarot! We all need a little light in our life and it’s never a dull moment when the confirmations start rolling in from the audience! Request a spirit message from Medium Sara and make a connection live on her show!


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8:00 - 9:00 PM


Sara McElroy

Created By:

Jim Martin

Produced By:

Sara McElroy

First Aired:

March 5, 2024

About the Cast:

About Sara McElroy

Sara is a gifted psychic medium who communicates with the spirit realm through the assistance of her spirit guides, Judith and Ingrid. Even as a young child growing up on a farm in Ohio her parents watched her nearly constant interactions with spirits. Throughout her childhood she was known to have a way with animals and developed her ability to communicate psychically with them. This has allowed her to help you communicate with your beloved pets. Throughout her life Sara has predicted major world events. She continued to develop her skills becoming a Reki Master in 2003. She also holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Malone University and is a master of Tarot. Sara utilizes the entirety of her skill set including visions, automatic writing, Tarot, signs, symbols and various senses to bring messages forward from the spirit realm.

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