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The Haunted Road of England – B3212

by Katrina The Good | Published on January 16th, 2022

The Haunted Road of England – B3212

The land of Princetown, Devon in England is damp and fair weathered. Over the centuries this rural landscape has a unique history. In the 1800’s this area was home to a Powder Mill; a factory that manufactured gun powder. Over the years in operation there were a great amount of devastating accidents that occurred in these powder mills, so much so that there is an urban legend that surrounds an Italian worker Mike Cutler. It is said that this lowly worker suddenly came into a large sum of money and celebrated his new fortune by indulging in “to much cider.” While intoxicated, Mr. Cutler went to his forge at the factory while still wearing his hobnail boots. The story continues to say that his boots created a spark that ignited the flammable material around him. All that was left of him was his hands…his large, hairy hands.

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Krampus: The Demon Companion of St. Nicolas

by Katrina The Good | Published on December 16th, 2021

With the Holiday season in full swing there is a sense of good cheer in the air. Along with visions of sugar plums dancing in the heads of children, there’s a resurgence of an old Alpine holiday figure that was almost lost in time. That figure is represented as a horned half demon, half goat known as Krampus. While St. Nicholas lived up to his name as Father Christmas, by bringing the good, well behaved children of the world gifts and sweets. Krampus’ duties included beating naughty children with birch bundles and stealing them away to the underworld for a year. While often in modern times Krampus is depicted as being an evil being, Krampus is actually St. Nicholas’ companion and appears to take directions from the beloved Saint.  



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The Real Headless Horseman

by Katrina The Good | Published on November 16th, 2021

Myths and legends throughout the ages and across the world were created to teach a lesson or pass down history. In other words, myths and legends are often laced with truth. That is likely the story of Ewen ‘of the Little Head’ MacLaine of Lochbury. It was very common in 16th century Scotland, for neighboring Clans to be in conflict with each other. It was also not rare for those conflicts to escalate into bloodshed battles. Ewen MacLaine would lose his life in such a battle of the Scottish Clans. 


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The Elusive Loveland Frogman Of Clermont County, Ohio

by Katrina The Good | Published on October 22nd, 2021

Cryptids are creatures that have not been verified by mainstream science, but thousands of people all over the world report having encounters with fantastic, unknown animals. Some of the most famous are BigFoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and even extra terrestrials have been placed in the category of Cryptid. Within the shadow of BigFoot and Nessie there are lesser known beings that are restricted to one area and are a factor as to why they fall under the radar of many Cryptozoologists. The Loveland Frogman (or Loveland Lizard Man) is one of those overlooked legends. 


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House Brownie in Suburbia

by Katrina The Good | Published on October 2nd, 2021

In Scottish Gaelic there is a domestic spirit (and many similar entities across the world) that take up space in rarely used parts of the home. In the dark of the night this spirit will take it upon themselves to do small chores in and around the household. They can be temperamental beings as well and be as mischievous as they are helpful. This spirit can be easily offended and will leave a home forever for any offense. If gifts are referred to as payments, it will become upset and he will leave. Simple offerings (without a label) such as porridge or milk are appreciated. Giving the Brownie clothing will automatically make a Brownie leave the household.


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Fairy Shoe
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Real Evidence: The Fairy Shoe

by Katrina The Good | Published on August 25th, 2021

In South-West Ireland a farm hand/sheep herder was walking down a rural sheep’s path on the Beara Peninsula in 1835. Along this isolated trail, he happened upon a craftsman repairing a shoe on the side of the dust trail. The cobbler was so startled by the laborer’s sudden presence that he took off into the high grass, leaving the mended shoe behind. Taken aback by this encounter the unnamed herder picked up the shoe and examined it in the palm of his hand. The shoe was only about 3 inches long and very narrow. This cobbler who had stopped on the side of the road, was believed to be a true flesh and blood Leprechaun.

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Spring-Heel’d Jack – The Terror of London

by Katrina The Good | Published on August 1st, 2021

The Victorian Era of London, England was a beautifully dark period in history. On one hand there was great advancement in industry and science. On the other hand the streets of London were full of filth, overcrowded areas, and poverty. With all this social unease it is not surprising that a great deal of mysterious and infamous figures roamed the dingy streets of London. All entities from spectral ghosts, to the Devil himself, and of course Jack the Ripper, left the Destitute of London in a state of consistent anxiety. One of these verboten figures is that of Spring Heel’d Jack: an entity that wore a tight fitting white suit, with flaming red eyes, metal claws attached to his finger tips, and springs on his boots that allowed him to jump to superhuman heights to terrorize the damp streets. 


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Spook Hill
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Spook Hill: Mystery or Mundane?

by Katrina The Good | Published on June 25th, 2021


The small town of Lake Wales, Florida located in Polk County is the home of an unusual natural phenomena infamously known as Spook Hill. At first glance Spook Hill appears to be a normal stretch of road that passes through a few old rolling hills. When one drives along North Wales Drive they will come across a thickly painted white line. Just above the line is an archway sign that simply states “Spook Hill”. When one drives up to the line, puts their car in neutral, and turns off the engine is when the mystery comes to life. When the car is parked in this state, the car will appear to back up and roll up the hill. Apparently, this appearance of defying gravity does not just apply to vehicles. 

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Eyeless Boy
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The Eyeless Boy

by Katrina The Good | Published on April 22nd, 2021

In my life I have had several paranormal experiences starting as a young child all the way up into adulthood. I’ve heard my name being called by a disembodied voice, been touched by an invisible being, I’ve seen glasses thrown to the ground, and more. One event however, stands above the rest in my mind’s eye. I grew up in a traveling carnival; It was an interesting childhood to say the least. When I close my eyes I can see the fluorescent lights of the rides and games and I can still smell the enticing aroma of the funnel cake in the air. Also, now and then I get a craving for a real fair corn dog. The frozen ones you can buy in the store are just not the same. To me the carnival is the prettiest at twilight; when the sun rays are golden pink in the sky and the matching lights on the rides and games seem to shine brightly along with the sun. This is the scene of one of the most memorable and mysterious experiences of my life.

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The Werewolf Trails – The Damnable Life of Peter Stubbe

by Katrina The Good | Published on March 25th, 2021

On October 31, 1589 in the village of Bedburg, Germany a successful farmer named Peter Stubbe was led to the center of the square in shackles. Stubbe was then strapped to a giant wagon wheel, where the Executioner used a red, hot pincer ten times to peel the skin right off the bones. Then iron mallets were used to break both arms and legs several times. Peter’s shattered limbs were then threaded in and out of the spooks of the wheel. Finally, the Executioner beheaded Peter Stubbe. The wheel with Stubbe’s mangled body and head was propped up high on a pole for all of Bedburg to see. Days prior to Peter Stubbe’s grotesque execution, his mistress Katherine Trompin and his 15 year old daughter Sybil (Belle) were also put to death for being complacent in his crimes. What was Peter Stubbe found guilty of that would justify such a violent death? Peter Stubbe plead guilty to 14 counts of murder, cannibalism, incest, killing of live stock, and above all…being a Werewolf.

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