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Paranormal Nation

Paranormal Nation - Unify with Us!

Many of us have had paranormal encounters. In fact, there’re many everyday people out there with personal stories and experiences of the paranormal. Unfortunately, most of these stories are unknown and often go untold. ‘Paranormal Nation’ is a platform where ordinary folks can tell their paranormal stories, air their opinions, and present their research in a community setup.

It’s a safe haven where no theory or opinion is right or wrong. Whether you’re a cryptozoologist looking for Bigfoot or a psychic who communicates with the departed – if it’s paranormal, we want to hear your story!

Paranormal Nation can also be viewed as a learning tool: from this library of shared resources, community members may find new techniques and ideas they can add to their own paranormal tool box for their own work. These interactions with other people’s contributions could also spark an “Aha” moment that inspires your own studies of the paranormal phenomenon.


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Allen’s paranormal journey began in 1982 after an unforeseen event witnessed only by his 3-year-old daughter happened. That one freak encounter launched him head-first into the proverbial rabbit hole and began his 38-year curiosity-driven investigations of the unknown. In 2012, after years of one-night investigations, he stumbled upon a place that would change his life forever – the Stagecoach Inn located in Ida Grove Iowa. The experience of investigating this fascinating location both terrified and enlightened him on the brutal reality of how little he knew about the paranormal. Everything he thought he knew about the unknown came into question that night. Becoming a published author was never in the cards for Allen, but after that night’s experience, he instantly knew he had no option but to document his experience. This motivated him to write his first book ‘Ghost and Legends of the Stagecoach Inn’. The book has since proven a must-read for all paranormal investigators – both new and seasoned! After his book, the feedback received led Allen to discover something rather fascinating: other people wanted to share their paranormal experiences too, but unlike him, they didn’t have a platform to do so. It’s this realization that marked a critical pivot for him; from investigating the dark halls of haunted locations to talking with individuals about their own encounters and stories and featuring them on Paranormal Nation. A paranormal community was born.

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