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My Paranormal Experience

My Paranormal Experience, the viral TV series, is now joining The Spirit Realm Network.

After Nathan Withers decided to end the series when his vision for the brand stretched far beyond television he sent his film to network executives for review. Nathan knew his formula surpassed the original vision he had started with and The Spirit Realm Network agreed.

What started with the documentary “The Gateway Between Worlds”, led to a four part special series that has now led the team to this point. My Paranormal Experience aims to cover groundbreaking stories in ways that you simply will not see anywhere else. A vision driven and fueled by passion, the next chapter to this brand begins here.

Meet The Cast


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Nathan Withers, Nicole Parks, Beth Huffman, Kara Kidd and Scottie Dabbs

Created By:

Nathan Withers

Produced By:

No Value (acf:field_63b4988d36b7c)

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About the Cast:

Nathan Withers - Lead Investigator, Director/ Editor

Nathan is a self taught filmmaker hailing from the Texas Panhandle. He is passionate about documenting the unexplained and helping to tell the stories and experiences of others.
Nathan has spent years developing his craft, working to bring his vision of storytelling to the world in a way that has yet to be seen. As he says “the next chapter of my story starts with yours. This is My Paranormal Experience”

Nicole Parks - Psychic Medium

Nicole knew from a very young age that she was a bit different from most. She realized that she could hear and see things that most people couldn’t, she would tell her grandmother stories that were told to her from these spirits. Grandmother became her guide, helping her to accept and understand the spirit world around her and the wonderful gift she had been given. As a young adult Nicole had some very personal experiences that allowed her to truly understand the other side. Through these experiences Nicole has been able to grow spiritually, she has been able help tell the stories of those from the other side of the veil.

Beth Huffman - Executive Producer, Booking Manager

Beth has always been intrigued by the people and their stories from the past, having experienced her first paranormal experience when she was only 11 years old only furthered that intrigue. Beth began investigating the paranormal more than 20 years ago, implementing experiments, research and new ideas to tell the stories of those long since past. Beth and Nathan have teamed up to share the true paranormal stories and experiences of others.

Kara Kidd - Camera operator, Investigator, Researcher

Kara brings her thrill and passion for the paranormal to the team with more than 20 years of chasing adventure from small town Texas to the ghost towns of Montana. Through the lens of the camera and delving deep into the past Kara helps to bring the story to life.

Scottie Dabbs - Investigator and Gear Tech

Scottie has been working to prove the reality of the paranormal since his personal experience in 2019. Scottie works with the team to find real evidence and irrefutable proof of the paranormal, not only to prove it to the world, but to bring some peace to all those who live with the experiences.

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