The Stephenson Building

About the Stephenson Building

Built in the late 1890s by Samuel Wymore, the founder of Wymore, Nebraska. The Stephenson Building has been many things over the years. Its upper floors have been home to everything from a saloon, dance hall and brothel to a pool hall and cigar factory. Even a bakery and clothing store have operated on its upper and lower floors.

Most of the building's history comes from the business of George Stephenson who was the second owner of the property. He was an attorney, the town's tax collector, realtor and also vice president of the local bank. Stephenson eventually left the property to the city of Wymore which later evolved into a court battle that made its way to the Supreme Court. Stephenson was also a Freemason and a member of the Odd Fellows.

During the prohibition years the town of Wymore became known as a weekend getaway for the Chicago mafia like Al Capone and John Dillinger. There were a series of tunnels in town that the mafia used to bootleg and move unseen between places that had illegal gambling and prostitution.

Eventually, the mafia was pushed out in the 1930s and the Klu Klux Klan took their place which later led to the hanging of three men in front of the property. The Klan stuck around until the 1980s. During all that time a lot of the illegal activity took place at the property due to George Stephenson being connected to the Chicago mafia.

Nowadays, The Stephenson Building is a must investigate for any paranormal enthusiast as its two owners have transformed the building into an oddities museum with some unusual and creepy items on display for patrons to see. It seems though that a few of their oddities have brought in some darker activity. EVPs are frequently caught around several of the objects on display.

Paranormal activity inside The Stephenson Building has been anything from constant footsteps day and night, voices, doors shutting, shadow figures in the basement, objects being moved and people being scratched.

Featured on shows like Portals To Hell this haunted location definitely has a very checkered past. Not only is it a strange and bizarre haunt but now a museum as well. Its two owners have worked tirelessly to build a unique collection of creepy curiosities and unusual oddities now on display for guests to experience. Obviously, a sketchy history combined with its bizarre contents makes this a heavily energized location.

Inside The Stephenson Building