Squirrel Cage Jail – Council Bluffs, Iowa

Squirrel Cage Jail - Council Bluffs, Iowa


07/22/2022 - 07/23/2022    
9:00 pm - 12:00 am

Our Haunted Destinations Live Streaming Adventure on The Spirit Realm Network. Join us as the team embarks on another whirlwind paranormal adventure when we kick off the first of three interesting locations as we return to the historic and haunted Squirrel Cage Jail located in Council Bluffs, Iowa.This time we return with the Our Haunted Destinations team and a few special guests to help us find answers in this historic and unusual location. What secrets will it reveal? Will it give up its history? Join us and take part in this live streaming investigation and find out for yourself as the team explores this renowned and interesting haunted location. For a more interactive experience bring your questions and comments and join us in the live chat at: https://www.spiritrealm.net/watch-live/  

About The Squirrel Cage Jail

The most “haunted” attraction in Council Bluffs, Iowa is said to be the Historic Squirrel Cage Jail. This unique jail was built in 1885 on the site of an old church morgue and one of 18 revolving jails built and the only one with three stories. Today, it’s one of only three left standing. The building was designed for maximum security with minimal contact between the prisoners and the jailers. The front part of the jail had offices for the jailer, a kitchen, trustee cells, and quarters for women. The rest of the building is made up of pie-shaped cells that revolve inside of a cage. These dangerous cells also rotated inside a cylindrical cage with only one opening, which resulted in the loss of many prisoners’ limbs. The jail was in continuous use until 1969 and many of its infamous prisoners’ signatures and dates remain scratched in the cell walls. While the Squirrel Cage’s paranormal popularity has grown in recent years with flashlight tours and paranormal investigations, even guests and residents as early as the 1900s felt something was amiss. A jailer in the ‘50s refused to live in the jail’s fourth-floor apartment after hearing footsteps on the floor when no one was around. He opted to instead sleep on the jail’s second floor rather than live with the unexplainable noises. For more information on the Squirrel Cage Jail log onto: https://www.thehistoricalsociety.org/museums/squirrel-cage-jail.html

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