Edinburgh Manor – Scotch Grove, Iowa

Edinburgh Manor - Scotch Grove, Iowa


07/24/2021 - 07/25/2021    
8:00 pm - 2:00 am

Into the Dark with Riverside Iowa Paranormal.  Multi-cam Live stream with Michelle Reuss and Co-host Kelly Tandy from the renowned and haunted Edinburgh Manor located in Scotch Grove Iowa.

The Spirit Realm Network is excited to announce Into the Dark with Riverside Iowa Paranormal, Michelle Reuss and Kelly Tandy will be streaming live from the renowned and haunted Edinburgh Manor located in Scotch Grove, Iowa. This is The Spirit Realm Network’s first time investigating this location. This will also be the first time Edinburgh Manor has been featured on The Spirit Realm Network and we are honored to have this opportunity to work with Edinburgh Manor  and Riverside Iowa Paranormal at this notoriously haunted location.  

About Michelle Reuss – Michelle, the founder of Riverside Iowa Paranormal, is both a  psychic medium and trans medium. She has spent many years in the Paranormal Field and is credited with multiple degrees including Doctor of Metaphysics, Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Ministry. Through her work as a Demonologist and the first woman to be inducted into the Worldwide Society of Exorcists Michelle uses her abilities to assist on paranormal cases both locally and across the globe. Her expertise has been called upon to assist in some of the darkest cases with the worst types of energy and spirits present. She shares her knowledge and experiences with her fellow paranormal researchers around the world and helps children with psychic abilities through teaching and counselling.

About Kelly Tandy – With over 12 years experience in the Paranormal Field, Kelly has ventured into some of the most active haunted locations in the country. In addition to being a Sensitive, Kelly is also a gifted healer and Reiki Master who uses her abilities to rid unwanted energies from locations and people. Kelly, along with Michelle, is the Co-Founder of Riverside Iowa Paranormal.

About Edinburgh Manor – Originally established as the County Poor Farm in the 1800’s and described as a “comfortable retreat for the lazy, able-bodied and willingly dependent applicants,”. Tenants were given shelter and food for their labor as they farmed agriculture and livestock there from 1850-1910. During that time,  there were over 150+ documented deaths on the property. In 1910, the poor farm closed down and was demolished. Edinburgh Manor was then constructed to house the incurably insane, the poor and the elderly. Edinburgh Manor, also referred to as The Manor, remained in operation until November 2010 and to this day medical documents and personal belongings can still be found there as the last patients and employees left the building never to return. There is so much history and mystery to Edinburgh Manor. Join us as we pay a visit to the notorious “Joker” and the other residents that have passed on but still call Edinburgh home.

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