Animal Whispers with Kathryn Barajas-Bjork

Animal Whispers with Kathryn Barajas-Bjork


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

As an animal communicator, I am really passionate about helping humans understand that in order to create a lasting bond with their pet, a healthy and happy relationship has to exist first. That bonding with animals, similar to humans, is a give and take arrangement.

Oftentimes animals act out because we as humans haven’t taught them the correct behavior or made our expectations clear to them. This could cause some friction in the relationship.

You see, an animal is a lot more than just a pet. They are our companion, our helper, our friend and even our child in some cases. So having a good relationship with them is of utmost importance. That’s the reason why I am an animal communicator. My goal with Animal Whispers is to help humans and animals work and live together in harmony and happiness.

Through the show, you get to tag along and watch the process as I work to diagnose the root cause of certain unwanted behaviors in pets and create remedies that leave both the human and animal satisfied.

Sometimes the problem is something simple like a change in food. Sometimes it’s an allergy to the food or certain ingredients in the food that’s causing the issue. Everything is energy – including food; so a small innocent change in diet could greatly influence an animal’s behavior. But other times it’s something a little deeper requiring a little more engagement with the animal.

In the end it’s the overall health and wellness in mind, body and spirit of everyone involved that creates the unique and special bond between human and animal. And that’s what the show tries to foster for guests as well as our viewers at home!

Being a medium too, sometimes I’ll help pet parents connect with pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge to find comfort and closure. As with any pet reading, I’ll use a picture of their pet and their details (including their name, and their age) to initiate a line of communication. It’s really exciting stuff and you get to watch and experience it all through the show!

Join us for Animal Whispers and see pets and owners rebuild and strengthen their relationships for a happier life together. Returning this fall to The Spirit Realm Network.