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“Ata” the Mysterious Miniature Alien

by Katrina The Good | Published on June 26th, 2022

In 2003, the mummified remains of a small skeletal body was uncovered in the Atacama Desert of Chile. This skeleton body was fully intact but only ten ribs, an elongated head, and only six inches in length. This discovery sparked a great excitement among paranormal researchers, due to the fact that “Ata” had a very alien and otherworldly appearance.

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project, was one of these researchers that believed that solid evidence of the reality of alien’s has been found. Dr. Greer sent “Ata” to be examined via X Ray and CT scan. The results were remarkable and unexpected. The initial results showed that the bones are not unlike that of a six year old human child. However, it did not explain the size of the skeleton or how/why “Ata” came to exist; additional tests needed to be completed. That is when Mr. Garry Nolan of Stanford University, was recruited to continue testing on “Ata”. Mr. Nolan focused on “Ata’s” DNA and genomes. The result of the DNA was that “Ata” was female and fully human. With this new information gained, Mr. Nolan looked into the genome to see if he could discover how or why “Ata” fell into the condition she was in.

Mr. Nolan found a great number of genetic defects and mutations. Namely, seven of the genomes had mutations relating to growth. After Mr. Nolan completed all his tests, the end conclusion was that “Ata” was a female, human infant with a great number of birth defects. “Ata” was found full intact without signs of trauma, so it is likely that “Ata” was a still born or died shortly after birth. Despite the end results of all the tests and examinations preformed on “Ata”, there are many that do not except them at face value. Dr. Steven Greer, is one of these individuals that continue to believe that “Ata” is really is an alien being and the results are simply a cover up to suppress evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. The mystery surrounding “Ata” may or may not be put to rest, either way the dedicated researchers in all branches of paranormal research continue to dedicate their time and resources to discover the reality of our world on a much deeper level. 



Katrina The Good

A Little About Katrina the Good: Katrina is an aspiring and talented writer with a passion for blogging. As the resident blogger for The Spirit Realm Network, she focuses her talents on a variety of thought-provoking topics, everything from the Paranormal to Cryptozoology. By day, Katrina can be found working on the frontlines as a health care provider fighting the battle on Covid. The Spirit Realm Network is proud to have her as part of the network and we all look forward to many more thought-provoking articles from her.

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