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Strange Reality with Dave Emmons

Ancient buildings built by giants. Extraterrestrials modifying human DNA, Cryptids, Ghosts! If these topics fascinate you then Strange Reality with Dave Emmons is the show for you.

Dave will be covering a wide variety of strange and creepy topics along with the unexplained and bizarre. Whatever the show’s content though, Dave will make it interesting and engaging with unique guests and interactive chat.

Being an “abductee” himself, Dave’s favorite topics are UFOs and Extraterrestrial abductions. He brings this unique perspective to the show with his own abduction experiences supported by years of research, photos and videos.

His agenda is to convey an alternative point of view regarding the truth about our fake history and how we have been told the wrong information to keep us sidetracked.

With such intense topics, we had to give Dave 2 hours a show twice a week. Join Dave and his guests Tuesdays and Thursdays 7 to 9 PM ET here on The Spirit Realm Network website.


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Dave Emmons

Created By:

Dave Emmons

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The Spirit Realm Network

First Aired:

June 6th, 2023

About the Cast:

Dave grew up in a small Illinois town north of St. Louis, Missouri. He shared a home with ten brothers and sisters and from a young age his mother told him she thought he was different from his other siblings. When he turned thirteen, he discovered why his mom thought that.

His first encounter with a UFO up close happened when he was just thirteen. He describes the object as looking like a flat barge seventy feet long with a light blue haze under the craft. He didn’t know it at the time but this would be the beginning of many lifelong experiences of strange encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena.

Since then, Dave has witnessed a half dozen different UFO craft and has even been the victim of numerous abductions. During his six years of college in mass communications he documented many details and completed extensive research in the field that has led to cataloging many photos and videos of these ETs and other ghostly figures. To this day his research continues and as a published author, you can find most of this research in his book “They, What Do They Want?”.

Surprisingly, he still has unexplained paranormal visits. The latest of which was April 28, 2023 and will be a new book called “They never stop”. He has also authored two other books, “Senseless Wars and Conflicts, A Perspective of a Combat Veteran.” and his latest book just released, “Angels and Supernatural Entities”, is all about ETs and Angels with ghosts and cryptids.

He even has a fourth book in the works. This one is going to be a sci-fi storybook about a human man and an extraterrestrial woman involved in a relationship fighting the bad guys. It's a hero story with romance.

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