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Haunted and Alone - Fear the Darkness!

There’s a huge difference between lone investigations and group investigations. Wandering into the unknown alone makes any adventure more intimate and personal. It’s this intimate nature of the lone investigation that brings about better discoveries – especially when one can concentrate on the task at hand without distractions.

Being truly alone while exploring in complete darkness reveals activity seldom seen in traditional paranormal investigations. This kind of first-person paranormal experience is the premise for ‘Haunted and Alone.’ A paranormal investigation show featuring one camera, one host and no back up. Just alone in the dark.

Haunted and Alone takes the intimacy of lone explorations and elevates it to a whole new level with daring investigators going deep into the unknown to find and document the paranormal. All while giving you a front-row view of their nail-biting adventures! 

The show is designed to give you, the viewer, a true-to-life experience of what it really feels like to explore these haunted places. Almost as if you’re there discovering the spirits yourself. We make each episode a new and unique adventure by taking you to a different haunted location from across the country. Taking you deep into the thick of it are the show’s brave and experienced hosts who use the latest gadgets and devices to venture into the unknown to draw out the spirits and make their presence known. Now you too can experience the first-hand thrill of paranormal adventures with these brave hosts live! Take it a step further and interact with the show’s hosts through live chat and help guide them through the darkness while watching for evidence of the unseen!


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