Private Residence – Scottsdale, Arizona

Private Residence - Scottsdale, Arizona


07/26/2021 - 07/27/2021    
9:00 pm - 11:45 pm

A Haunting in Scottsdale Live with Ghost Adventures Psychic Patti Negri and Equipment Tech Justin Spurrier along with guest investigator and psychic medium Amber Martin and Moon Girl Sarah Garcia.

A Haunting in Scottsdale – Live!

Right from the beginning the Scottsdale house showed it’s paranormal. When the new owner bought the house in May of 2018 it didn’t take long for the house to reveal itself as haunted. Shortly after moving in the new owner reported being pushed off a ladder while fixing a light that led to a broken wrist. Following that the activity really ramped up after August when security cameras began picking up random noises, orbs and moving objects. The first Paranormal team visited the house in September of 2018 and it was during this first overnight investigation that an apparition was first seen. Later, after reviewing the evidence it was determined to be that of a woman that passed away in the house sometime back. From September on, energy in the house went from dormant to active that seemed to really affect a roommate living in the house at the time and got to a point where she had to move out in December of that year.

The owner tried to sage the house but no matter what we did the sage would not light. At that point the owner decided to bring in a professional to cleanse the house. Hollywood Psychic-Medium Patti Negri was chosen to perform that task who later asked if she could show Ghost Adventures the evidence she had seen. This led to the location being featured on Ghost Adventures episode “A Haunting in Scottsdale”. Since first appearing on Ghost Adventures there have been 9 paranormal teams visiting the house and each has heard some part of the story but not all of it. Some parts were kept from the public due to privacy concerns but all the groups have found various things that only the owner knows about.

Nowadays, the owner is happy to report they no longer feel anything negative in the home. Only “Casper type” activity and the occasional shadow figure or disembodied voice. He has learned to peacefully coexist with whatever is there and since the house was remodeled, whatever it is seems to like it!

About Patti Negri

Patti Negri is a Psychic-Medium and “Good Witch” best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel’s #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES. She is the international best-selling author of OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD: TIPS, TRICKS, & TECHNIQUES TO BALANCE, EMPOWER, & CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE.  Patti was voted number one psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch / magical practitioner in the world in an Internationally competition by Times Square Press.  Patti’s body of work includes appearances on such shows as MASTER CHEF, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, Wipeout and Jeff Lewis’ FLIPPING OUT. Patti has a popular weekly podcast called THE WITCHING HOUR and can also be heard on nationally syndicated radio with Adam Corolla, Jason Ellis, Mancow Muller and Coast to Coast with George Noory.  She has graced numerous magazine covers, contributed to over 20 books and conducted seances on radio, film, and TV working with such legends as Emma Stone, Jon Voight, Martin Sheen and Gregory Hines. 

About Justin Spurrier 

Justin’s first memorable paranormal experience occurred in 1984 when he was only five years old. Immediately following this experience, he began to see, hear and feel spirits in his everyday life. This still continues today.  At the age of 14, Justin started performing his own research experiments on the strange occurrences that were happening around him. To this day, he continues his journey into the unknown as he searches for new ways that will (hopefully) allow him to have direct, 2-way communication with whom he sometimes refers to as the ‘invisible visitors.’ Justin Spurrier’s paranormal research has provided us with what many consider to be the best evidence of afterlife communication to date. He has traveled through 48 states and conducted his research at some of the most iconic locations across America. To date, Justin has logged thousands of investigations and he has notebooks full of the data which he recorded during his various experiments. All three of Justin’s children have had paranormal experiences that were similar in nature to what he himself went through as a child. He continues to work with them on a regular basis and has now started a YouTube series with his oldest son. The two of them travel the country together in hopes of capturing even more compelling evidence of life after death.  In 2018, Justin was invited to participate in a LIVE filming (special episode) of the Ghost Adventures television show.  Shortly after, he was offered a full time position with the hit TV show in which he immediately began traveling with the team and served as the Equipment Technician/Manager of Ghost Adventures. 

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